Learning the basics to
mathematical thinking through play

The most important thing in how a child learns
through play, is that the child is able to use their
hand skills during daily playtime as part of their
learning experiences. Children’s Math consists of
“numbers”, “shape”, “reasoning” and LaQ is a toy that
allows a child to experience all three of these.
In our classes, the children first learn how to build
concentration by simply enjoying the snap and click
sounds when connecting the parts.

Next, the children build their concept of numbers and quantity, leading to discoveries of regularities and patterns in how to connect the parts. They develop logical thinking while learning to build based on this pattern, and also develop spatial perception when learning how to build from 2D to 3D shapes. After numerous trials and lots of thinking, the children exercise their creativity and imagination by actually building the image that is in their minds. The children do not realize that they are learning the basic skills of mathematics through play and they tell me how much fun it is to play with LaQ, and that they want to build some more!

Ms. Oosako is well known as a mathematics teacher who has
raised hundreds of “math loving” children, and is also recognized
for her numerous serial articles in major educational magazines.

Ms. Chiaki Oosako
Certified Mathematics Coach and Executive Instructor of Infant Mathematics,
certified by The Mathematics Certification Institute of Japan.
CEO of Infant Math School, SPICA

Infant Math School SPICA®

Ms. Oosako was a mathematics teacher at a leading private tutoring school for
junior high school students, and later became independent to establish SPICA®,
a study school for pre-school children to high school students, in Ebisu Tokyo.
Ms. Oosako also puts effort into her training school to raise professionals in Child
Mathematics. Ms. Oosako is a supervisor in planning the mathematical LaQ kits
“LaQ Mathematics” and “LaQ Numbers and Shapes”.