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How LaQ can aid the growth of a healthy mind in today's world

Our human ancestors evolved over a time span of 200,000 years, and using the five senses gave birth to our human civilization. As the descendents of this civilization we have utilized the five senses to experience human emotions and learn moral values and codes. However, recent brain researches have shown that the rapid progress of IT has brought on a demand onto the human brain to handle information processing of an entirely new level. This new level of information processing focuses especially on visual stimulation. Visual stimulation of a level which was not essentially within regular human activity. We believe the present day social issues show that the physical adaptation of the human body is unable to keep up with the rapid progresses in technology. With this perspective we wish to redefine the value of a child’s play and seriously consider the living environment of our children.


LaQ encourages the growth of a child's mind

Nihon University Professor and Doctor of Medical Science Dr.Akio Mori

Playing with LaQ encourages the growth of a child’s brain by stimulating the temporal association cortex where information of colors and shapes is transmitted, the parietal association area related to detecting spatial positions, the cerebellum and motor area, which influence dexterity and motor coordination. When playing with LaQ, information of shapes and colors is sent to the prefrontal region of the brain where decisions are made on what steps are necessary to imagine and create a shape that does not exist yet. After doing research on a child’s brain while playing with LaQ, I have confirmed that the neural network of both the left and right brain, become highly active. LaQ is recommended as an ideal toy to aid the growth of the brain. It is also an ideal toy for children and parents to communicate with each other by sharing ideas on how to piece the blocks together.


The connection between LaQ and the human brain
At rest At rest
with LaQ
Playing with LaQ

The right brain, also known as the unconscious brain used for intuitive thinking, is stimulated by using imagination, expressiveness, and color coordination when playing with the colorful LaQ parts. The left brain, also known as the conscious brain used for language abilities is stimulated by using concentration, mathematical, and logical thinking when piecing the LaQ parts together to create the shape envisioned in the child's mind. The photograph on the left show the brain of an 8 year old boy's brain at a resting state, and also when playing with LaQ. The red areas show where brain movement is the most active. Our researches show that a child's brain is equally stimulated in the right and left side of the brain when playing with LaQ in comparison from when the brain is in a resting state.


The possibilities with a 120 degree angle

Junior High School Principal and Mathematical Science Teacher Jiyuunomori Gakuen Mr. Yutaka Nakano

The first model I made with LaQ was a closed shape to confirm that it was possible to make a closed shape from the block parts. I thought it should be possible when I saw the triangle base parts and the 120 degree joint parts. What makes LaQ such an entertaining construction toy is the simplicity of consisting of only 7 types of parts, with the possibility of creating an infinite variety of shapes and structure. A child’s mind will be filled with new realizations and discoveries while playing with LaQ by using his ideas, imagination, and dexterity in creating a challenging structure. LaQ is a highly satisfying toy for a child as it is possible to complete an image not only in his mind, but by being able to see, hold, and play with his creation.


Skeletal Preparations made by the Jiyuunomori Gakuen Skeleton Research Club

At Jiyuunomori Gakuen there is a very unique school club activity called the Skeleton Research Club where the skeletons and ecosystems of various animals are studied. The students challenged constructing a skeletal preparation of an elk using LaQ. Not only were they were able to build a 3 dimensional bone structure, but were also able express the curved lines of the antlers by using the cleverly angled joint parts. Their next project is to build an ever larger scale model with LaQ blocks.