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Insect World KING BEETLE

Snap, click and build the strongest beetle in the Insect World!
The KING BEETLE is a kit to build the king of the beetle world, the “Dynastes Hercules ” which can also be reassembled to build a “Caucasus Beetle”, the strongest beetle of the beetle world.
Insect lovers will enjoy building the Dynastes Hercules Lichyi with a rare blue body!
Instructions show steps to build easy 2D starter models and 7 insects familiar in Japan such as the “Rhinoceros Beetle”, “Dorcus Titanus”, “Rosalia Batesi”, “Ladybug” and “Swallowtail Butterfly”.

320pcs 0pcs
Instructions shown:7

PriceJPY 2,500+TAX

Parts Contents

Parts Contents

Models shown in the Instruction Guide

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