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Hamacron Constructor POWER SHOVEL

Build the POWER SHOVEL with moving action!

The POWER SHOVEL is a Hamacron Constructor kit that includes instructions to build easy 2D starter models and 7 construction vehicles.
The Hamacron Constructor is a series using specialized wheels and shaft parts to build models with moving action.

Build 5 different attachments to make the POWER SHOVEL have a 360°rotating arm that can also move up and down. Move the shovel for some power construction work! You can also build a CRANE TRUCK with an elevating boom and expanding arm, a DUMP TRUCK with a moving dump bed, a FORKLIFT and TRAILER with a moving fork, a BULLDOZER, WHEEL LOADER and MORE!

300pcs 14pcs
Instructions shown:7

PriceJPY 2,780+TAX

Parts Contents

Parts Contents

Models shown in the Instruction Guide

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