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Mazinger Z VS. Getter Robot

The first robot animation character “Mazinger Z” vs. the original transforming type robot “Getter Robot” can be made with LaQ!

Instructions to make 10 super machines will be shown for fans of Mazinger Z and Getter Robot to make cool LaQ robot models! This is a long awaited Instruction Guidebook for robot anime fans!!

Special contents from Nagai Go, the artist and creator of the 2 super robots will also be introduced! Learn about the history and facts of your favorite super machines!
As another special bonus, a reversible Mazinger Z poster will be included!

If you enjoyed robot anime as a child, you are sure to enjoy this new LaQ Instruction Guidebook!

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PriceJPY 1,200+TAX

Another exciting announcement!
Announcing the sales of a limited “LaQ Mazinger Z Kit” complete with an Instruction Guidebook to build a 32 cm height robot model.

For information on sales of this limited kit, please contact your local LaQ Distributor.

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