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He has a dream!!

Today we'd like to introduce you to a young
man whose dream is about as infinite as LaQ!!

Masashi Teramoto has a dream.
His dream is to visit children around the world,
and bring them together. Masashi has chosen LaQ
from Japan as a communication tool to "connect"
with the children he meets. We think that he made
an excellent choice!

7 months has passed since Masashi started his journey
in Sep 2014. Since then, we have received reports of
several Orphanages that he has visited, and numerous
pictures of happy happy children playing with LaQ.


We will be updating you with Masashi's travel reports!

■Masashi Teramoto
Born in Kumamoto, Japan 1989.
Studying to be a scriptwriter and also has experiences
as a child care worker, and offering volunteer services
in disaster areas.

Currently on a journey to visit children around the globe.

  • 2015/5/11