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He has a dream!!

Today we'd like to introduce you to a young
man whose dream is about as infinite as LaQ!!

Masashi Teramoto has a dream.
His dream is to visit children around the world,
and bring them together. Masashi has chosen LaQ
from Japan as a communication tool to "connect"
with the children he meets. We think that he made
an excellent choice!

7 months has passed since Masashi started his journey
in Sep 2014. Since then, we have received reports of
several Orphanages that he has visited, and numerous
pictures of happy happy children playing with LaQ.


We will be updating you with Masashi's travel reports!

■Masashi Teramoto
Born in Kumamoto, Japan 1989.
Studying to be a scriptwriter and also has experiences
as a child care worker, and offering volunteer services
in disaster areas.

Currently on a journey to visit children around the globe.

  • 2015/5/11

Ft. Worth Museum Cool Science Event! (USA)

Ready for a summer LaQ Play Day?
These two are!




The theme was "Cool Science" and children
enjoyed a day filled with icy explorations and
experiments, and also making cool LaQ models!






Look who discovered how to add an angled part to build
3D shapes! Its so much fun to build what you want!




Other LaQ Play Day Events open for 2013 Summer in the US;

Field Station: Dinosaurs (NJ)
Bronx ZOO                    (NY)
Silver Dollar City            (MO)

Be sure to join the SNAP CLICK and PLAY FUN!!

  • 2013/7/19

Who is the fastest LaQ Builder?! (Vietnam)

"Ai nhanh tay hơn"




Fun LaQ Displays and exciting LaQ Games at FAHASA,
the largest bookstore in Ho Chi Minh City.



LaQ is fun for everyone!




So many fun kits to choose from!




See the happy faces of the participants!
What do you think they will build with their LaQ kits?


July_Vietnam_FAHASA .jpg

  • 2013/7/19

Sinterklaas brings joy to Holland! (The Netherlands)

Sinterklaas comes to Holland every year on December 5th 
(also known as 'Pakjesavond'), with his helpers and horse Americo 
to celebrate his birthday and hand out gifts to good children.



Snap! Click! Two men who have never played with LaQ before 
were able to make a complete display for a toy store!




Workshops were held for highly gifted children in Holland. 
The children love LaQ and are happy to have a challenging toy!


This genius LaQ builder looks very proud of his artwork!!




  • 2012/11/20

LaQ Play Day! (Poland)



LaQ is now available in Europe!
You can find NEW LaQ kits in toy stores and bookstores in
Poland, Slovakia, The Czech Republic, and Netherlands.






Children in Poland enjoying a LaQ Event.

  • 2012/10/31

Fun Workshops at the Promotion Fair 2012! (Vietnam)



Happy team spirit of the LaQ Staff!!
A great team to lead the children with
fun LaQ games and workshops.




LaQ Play Day for the family.




Phu Tho Indoor Stadium




Serious looks of the challengers who
played the LaQ Parts Connecting Race.




What's LaQ?






Visit their website and FB for information on event dates!

BMC Company   http://www.laq.vn/en/  
Facebook    http://www.facebook.com/LaQ.Vietnam 

Be sure to click "like"! Thank you!

  • 2012/10/22

The Four LaQ Dieties!(Japan)

LaQ is so versatile that you can build almost
anything! Even a full sized model such as the
Four Dieties you see here.




The Dieties are images of a Dragon, Turtle, Phoenix
and White Tiger.




Professor LaQ actually wore this LaQ Samurai suit
of armour at the New York Toy Fair.




What would YOU make with LaQ?!

  • 2012/10/12

2012 LaQ TOKYO FESTA! (Japan)



Over 5,000 guests visited the 7th LaQ FESTA
held at the Panasonic Center in Daiba Tokyo.


LaQ Pool.jpg


Families came to enjoy the fun LaQ Play Area with a
LaQ Pool filled with 600,000 LaQ parts, amazing model
exhibitions, creative workshops, and exciting games!


Mini Racers.jpg


A limited edition LaQ kit and our new company
product KoCaLiNi was announced at the FESTA.


Dinosaur World.jpg


Thank you! for visiting the LaQ TOKYO FESTA!
We look forward to seeing you again at the NARA FESTA
in the spring of 2013!

  • 2012/9/21

LaQ events in CA presented by SNAP Toyz! (USA)




Come play with LaQ at the SNAP Toyz booth!
Snap Toyz hosts fun try-out events at local fairs
in California.




Visit their website and FB for information on event dates!

SNAP Toyz   http://www.snaptoyz.com/
Facebook    http://www.facebook.com/#!/SnapToyz 

Be sure to click "like"! Thank you! 

  • 2012/9/11

LaQ Tower Model Display! (Thailand)

LaQ Tower model was on display at Isetan Bangkok.


Sky Tree Model in Bangkok.jpg


The actual Sky Tree in Tokyo is 634m-high.
It is one of the hottest spots in Japan now!!





  • 2012/7/27

TOY EXPO (China)

Professor LaQ (Japan) and Professor LaQ (China)
leading a workshop together at the Toy Expo in
Beijing China.

Professor LaQ is showing off his LaQ Claws!
This cool model is made with LaQ parts only!




  • 2012/7/27

LaQ introduced on HOitv!(The Netherlands)


Children in the Netherlands enjoying a LaQ workshop.


 1206Arata-Trading Nijverdal027.jpg


Workshop at Primary School "T Heem in Nijverdal, The Netherlands.


workshop at primary school netherlands.jpg

  • 2012/7/09

LaQ Fun and Games (Taiwan)

Exciting LaQ fun and games at

Tian-Mu Shinkong Mitsukoshi Square!














If you are LaQ fan, please click "like" on

LaQ facebook. Thank you!



  • 2012/7/05

LaQ Triceratops Model Display! (USA)

July 1 to Sep 3, 2012

Come see the LaQ Triceratops model!!

Reading Public Museum 2.JPG

On exhibition at the Reading Public Museum in Pennsylvania USA,

as part of a fun and exciting Dinosaur Event for the entire family.

Experience what it may be like to be eyed and stalked by huge,

life-like, animatronic versions of dinosaurs.



  • 2012/7/02

LaQ Try-Out Event (USA)

Austin Children's Museum May 20, 2012


May 20 2012 Austin Childrens Museum.JPG


"Many of the families played with LaQ for the first time,

and the parents seemed to enjoy it just as much as the children!"

  • 2012/5/31

LaQ Micro Bus! (Hong Kong)

Hong Kong


LaQ Micro Bus.jpg


Looks like a fun bus! Wanna Ride?

  • 2012/5/31

LaQ Derby and Play Day (USA)

Top Ten Toys Seattle March 29, 2012


March 29 Top Ten Toys Derby.jpg


Top Ten Toys Mastermind Storm Bennett cheers on the Second Annual LaQ Derby Race!

Crazy custom LaQ cars speed down the Blu Tracks! Vrrroooom!!

  • 2012/5/31

New York Toy Fair 2012 (USA)

The New York Toy Fair February 2012


New York TF 2012 Booth_s.jpg



LaQ USA announces NEW Hamacron Constructor Kits!



  • 2012/5/31








Thank you LaQ fans!

  • 2012/5/31
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